Reinspection company Strikes Again

Had a client that just had a reinspect ordered by citizens. The reinspect stated that the home did not have clips when it clearly does. Our pics showed a close up of the clips and also a photo of about 6 in a row. reinspect company took a photo of the area between the exterior side of the wall and the facia. Cost the home owner $2100.00

Where was it, I had one the same situation.

Was it an area that did not have clips?

If you see any that are not secured that is what happens.

How “ALL” are attached to the wall is the question. Not some, most, the ones I saw, etc…

It sucks for homeowners. If you see something not clipped, wrapped or wrapped then that is the answer.

This is just another example of why I at least make notes.

How in the hell are we supposed to know that all of anything is so?

They had clips on the entire bldg. They even had a copy of the original showing all clips. She lost $2,500.00. :twisted:

I would suggest she raise holey hell.

Roof to wall attachment Mike.
I had one where they took a picture of a clip, too bad it was where the gable trusses met the main house over the garage. A wall under the connection is needed to have a roof to wall connection.
It is probably the same guys.

It was in the Tampa area. It was a custom home built in 1988 on a river, large home. I would understand if they found an area that was not clipped but they stated there were no clips at all. Under writer at citizens told the agent to google clips to see that the ones in our photos were not clips LOL. I wish I could post the pics of the reinspect but It came in an email and I can’t figure out how to post them.

Larry, copy the picture or right click on it to “save as”. Save it as a jpeg and then post it using the manage attachments tab here when you post.

Many times the reinspections are wrong, we have them overturned frequently

Can’t do that it is a pdf doc.

What operating system do you have> If you have winxp, there is a program called free pdf unlocker. Run that and then, you should be able to get the photo.
If not, send me the file and I can get the photo out of it.