Reinspection fee ????

I have a client that was reinspected and was charged a fee that was paid to the inspector…
What reinspection program requires the homeowner to pay the fee upfront?

I remember seeing it somewhere but my mind is a blank… :roll:

Thanx in advance


I think the one that is in violation of Florida law…

Re-Inspection Fees (Review, Preclosing Walkthru, etc…)
Billed at $150 per hour…

I think it was something like Citizens insurance pays half and the homeowner pays the other half or something like that.

Ask the client for a copy. We need to document these problems if they are legitimate. The re-inspection firms are documenting us.

I’m getting it…I am waiting for an answer from John before I post the details
but paying the reinspector and then having their credit denied seems …
well let’s just say it’s wrong

I agree.


Yes, I believe this dealt with the sink hole inspections.

Sinkhole is the half and half…

I think it is USAA that requires you to use their inspectors and you have to pay them. We have had friends that could not use us because they were told the insurance company only accepts reports from their inspectors


I don’t know why I couldn’t remember that…

Thanx guys

Had this happen today. A homeowner cancelled an inspection scheduled for next week after he learned USAA would not accept a wind mit from anyone but their inspector. Maybe I’m missing something but this doesn’t seem legal.

Nope, not USAA - Had USAA send out an inspector to our house - they chose the inspector, but they also paid for it.

We do USAA inspections all the time

usaa San Antonio

is the company the guy that thinks I am screwing him is with.

I hope they are not the ones that sent the last reinspector or they sure have problems.