Reinspection Tactics#2

Same house, they took away the shutter credits for no reason. WTF

Who will pay for the survey to determine the percentage of inaccurate
re-inspections and present the stats to the OIR? Could there be fraud in the re-inspection program? Could it be a scam to raise the rates? Are these the types of things that have started the protest against corporate America and around the world?

No these are the things that are causing us to take useless pictures and crawl in deadly conditions to prove things that we observe.

These fools are using pictures to prove points that do not exist.

WAKE UP… Stop the picture crap now while it is still possible.

Hmmmmmm the big guys who do thousands say pictures are important. HMMMMMM cause they take them and use them to the insurance companies benefit weather they mean squat or not.

The protest are all about pictures:D

Anyone see the light yet?


Where does it say we are required to take pictures .

I do not supply pictures to my clients … Roy

It is for these stupid a-s wind mitigation inspections.

A bunch of a-s kissers who want all the work are siding with the insurance agencies and telling the OIR what to do. OIR = office of insurance regulation.

Many fools are trying to increase what the reports entail and many here just go along and agree with the ENEMY.