Rejected Citizens Roof Certification

I was not aware that repairs had to be noted…This inspector recommends using the same shade of shingles when replacing shingles to avoid citizens rejection letters.

This inspector recommends not submitting the roof certification form, or 4-point, until all issues have been corrected! :wink:

Speaking of roofs, it appears, Citizens, in an effort to further remove clients from its rolls, will no longer insure a shingle roof over 20 years old! Did an inspection for a client, right down the street, and the roof was 20 years old and in perfect condition. They didn’t even send anyone out to the property. Just told the clients they had to replace it or lose coverage.

They are the scum of the world…

Home owner repairs were made before the roof certification.

3tab shingles I presume…

In a roundabout way, repairs do have to be noted:

And yes, they were 3 tab shingles.

Full replacement 2009…Checked.