Relationship between PSI and Nachi

Hello all,

I am studying to become a Home Inspector. I am getting 78 to 81 on the practice exams on InterNACHI Chapters

How realistic are these scores when compared to the real PSI exam?

Thank you for your input. I hope this post will help others too.

WHAT is the REAL … PSI exam

WHAT is ANY … PSI exam?

PSI is a NHIE exam centre.

Thanks for all your input. I know that the PSI is an Exam Center for the official NHIE exam.

How close are the scores on the practice test on Nachi’s website with your actual score on the NHIE exam?

If I am getting 88 on the practice exam, would I be able to obtain a similar score on the NHIE?

Maybe, but probably not.

2 completely different tests.