Relay for Life

My son is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed when he was 18 and is coming up on his 9th Anniversary of being cancer free.

During his college years he started attending different cancer survivor functions and in the past 3 years has been in charge of his school’s Relay for Life team. Donations and participation tripled and then of course the economy went south. People that are fighting to make ends meet, don’t have that little extra that they may have donated in the past.

A cure for cancer is within reach but research is still needed due to the vast number of different types of cancer. That research takes money. Some comes from Universities, grants, endowments and government funding but it is not enough. Donations from the public are also needed.

This year my son is once again the Chair of his school’s program. If you have not made a contribution to charity at this time, a donation to his team would help greatly. All donations are tax deductible. It is easy to do. HERE IS THE LINK to my son’s page.

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you.

Stephen Stanczyk
Eric Stanczyk

Dale Duffy,

Thanks so much for the donation. It puts my son that much closer to this years goal. It is friends like you that truly make this world go around.

Steve & Eric

Hi Steve,

No thanks needed my Friend. I know Cancer is a serious problem, the more people who can help the better.

I’m glad to hear Eric beats the odds…!!!

Relay is this weekend. Still time to make that donation. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.


Our 4 year old grandson was diagnosed with T cell leukemia 4 montha ago. Unfortunately, T cell is the most difficult form of leukemia to control. He has handled the chemo well, bone marrow transplant will probably occur soon. Happy to donate for a great cause. My grandson’s story here: