Release from Inspection/Client

Not sure what it’s called but my computer hard drive went down for good and I lost everything. Recovered most from back ups but I do not see a form I used to have for releasing me from damages. I am not sure what it’s called but in the event I refund money I had a release form waiving me from further responsibility. I am sure there are newer ones out that also prohibit a client from spreading misinformation on the public forums as well. Does anyone have a copy they can share so I can add it to my file? Thanks in advance.

Here is InterNACHI’s general release for…

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Thank you!

I hope you replaced it with a solid state drive. Not that much more but tons more reliable.

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Yes sir! I also dropped the ball with Carbonite back up somehow I failed to renew. Thanks goodness I backed up quick books and misc paperwork on an external. Hard lesson learned!