Release to 3rd party R.E. Agent

Just curious how everyone else handles this. I use Homegauge and do everything through email and the Homegauge cloud. Every now and then a realtor asks me to forward the report to the selling RE agent. From my understanding I need permission from my customer before I send to anyone else. I am trying to find the smoothest, most customers service friendly way to deal with this issue.

Any suggestions?

Seems odd they need you to do it.
Yes get client permission .

I always let the client and agent handle it.

Have your client do it. I send the report to my client, then instruct them that they may send it to whoever they like.

There are some contracts that are “as-is” where in the event the buyer backs out of the deal due to the inspection, a copy of the report must be provided to the seller.

And then sometimes the listing agent will use the report as a selling tool. Then you get a call from an interested buyer asking about the roof leak, and the slow draining tub…

lol. Yes it’s happened to me several times.


It is even better when the listing agent attaches the reports to the MLS. I have had a few removed.

That’s incredible John. Very brazen of them for sure.