Relief Damper in Attic Space

I ran across this a few days ago and have never seen anything like this. Zoned system, vented attic space, “relief damper” terminated in the attic space pouring out conditioned air. My questions are: if there is conditioned air pouring into the attic space, wouldn’t it do some structual damage over time, or create a dew point inside the attic? Mold growth is another concern that I have. I’m sceptical because this guy is an “out of towner” and also the person that installed the system and was called back to check it when I called it out. Need an education on this as I am stumped. I always go with my gut feeling, and it is telling me that it is not right. Thanks in advance for any info that is helpful!

John the weighted damper is common on a zoned system BUT I have never seen one releive back into the attic area its a waste of energy normally I see the weighted relief discharge back into the return so the air is just recirculated when say just one zone is calling for heat or cool