Remember me (on YouTube)

Remember ME!

May we all remember and thank them for being there for US!

AND their families for their loss!

Thanks to Mike O’Handley at Inspectors Journal for bringing it to my attention!

Erby, tried the above link . . . nothing started . . . on high speed DSL, so I’m not sure why nothing happened, after seeing “LOADING” for several minutes I finally gave up . . . should I have waited longer?

Same here, “done” blank screen, I think that is Mike O’s problem lately. :o

Here it is…


It’s your problem, Christopher. Check your internet settings.

Just had to throw in a crappy comment, didn’t you.

Try to share something nice and someone has to **** on it!

Let me know when you personally have done as much as he has for our industry. IF that ever happens.

This Remember ME! gets me a blank screen. The one in post 4 connects me. I respect you for sharing this as well as the troops. As for Mike, in the last few weeks me and several others have received anti-nachi email, this also has been on other sites.

awesome erby, thank you. i had to stop myself from saying anymore. but i do pray this; God save our troops and keep them safe from your enemies and ours, just as you do Lord, we love them also. AMEN

Thanks for the update link . . .

Thanks, I hope we never forget them.