Remember... Safety First!

No explanation needed

That’s funny Joe.

Is it my eyes, or is the boom of that crane inbetween the power lines and utility lines?:slight_smile:

It’s your eyes

:)Well, I put my glasses on, and it sure looks like the boom is closer than 10 feet. :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me. No one called the fire department and had the Crane operator arrested.

So Now a Guy comes up with a time saving way to trim Hedges and everyone’s is on to him about it.

Even crane operators are hurting for work, and have to go into landscaping to survive…they probably undercut all the landscapers in their area to steel their business in the short run just to make a buck! They get the job done, but do it quickly without regard to any SOP or the fact that they make all landscapers look like idiots :eek::eek:;););-):stuck_out_tongue: