Remember you heard it hear first...

I guess when you make enough people mad and do the WRONG thing…it eventually catches up to you. Hope they saved some of that money the took…

I am sure if one or both of them owe you money. I bet this law firm would LOVE to hear about it…

We said it on this message board a couple of years ago…and now…well…you see what happens

Thanks for the Info Russell ,This looks very interesting … Roy

Wow! Lotta love going down

Remember, you heard it here first. Three years ago!

Read that date.

Anyone can file a law suit.

Winning it is a different matter.

That law suit is three years old

Another one we will never hear the outcome on…

The class status was denied in 2013.

Rusty must be hitting the Boone’s Farm again.
You shouldn’t post in this condition Rusty.
Get help. Please.
Give Troy a call, he may be able get someone to intervene before it’s too late.


So he got wrong Information . It happens .
He tried .
Ridiculing him for an error does not help the industry .

Isn’t that exactly what you do when someone disagrees with you or has a different opinion?

Pot… Kettle… Just sayin’…

heh heh

ps>> who’s this nice guy with the f u - k y name?

Funny, a person I know was just got subpoenaed on this situation, today. So apparently it is “old” but it is still very active.