Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs got 2 keep the loonies on the path

Brain damage

interior basement systems were installed when they should not have been, the usual, why u ask? Because they didn’t ‘stop’ the water from where it’s first-entering into the blocks! That equals mold and/or efflorescence because water is still getting in the blocks dufus!

Dearborn Heights, lady calls n wants to know why her basement still leaks and why there is some mold n efflorecence loololllll

yeah, paint can HIDE some mold, efflorescence and slapping on some mortar and paint can hide cracks in walls = fraud

Grosse Pointe Woods, house 4 sale, B Dry installed their system here, it did NOT stop the water from where it’s first entering

if everything is a-okay, why call me over? duhhhhhhhh

back corner, say again paint can hide some sht which can screw over a buyer, follA?

long horizontal crack, someone slapped some mortar in it to try n conceal the FACT the wall is bowing in, has exterior cracks in block wall which IS why it leaks and why there is some mold, efflorescence

outside, back CORNER… exterior corner crack, this is WHY that corner leaks and has some discolorment etc on inside blocks… duh B Dry doesn’t fix/waterproof any ext cracks, DIG?

the lunatics r in my hall, the paper holds their folded faces to the floor n everyday the paperboy brings more, and if the dam breaks open many years too soon and if there is no room upon the hill,
and if your head EXPLODES with dark forebodings too, Bubba will see ya’s on the dark side of the moon

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