Reminder: BIGGEST event in the inspection industry is here, online, on Monday 16th.

InterNACHI’s annual Christmas party.

Gifts Galore!

When is the big event?


What monday the 16th of what month and what year ya really need to get specific for some:twisted:

Sounds like a good time, You always get a good response when you post the 1st 20 to respond win a free…

I hope I can get in on some free stuff!!

Thanks Santa Nick!! or Saint Nick!!

I have 3 inspections scheduled for Monday so hopefully there will be something left by the time I finally get to my computer

Are we ever going to get a start time?

In the morning. We go until we run out of gifts.

4:32 a.m., PST:mrgreen:

Response to a client who needed an inspection on Monday.

“Sorry I’m booked on Monday” :slight_smile:

Send it off to Troy.

He doesn’t work here

Well, I hope there is something left when I get home at 5:00 ;):slight_smile:

I am going to enjoy Monday regardless of if I am online here or working…hopefully.

Already scheduled for the AM, we’ll see what the afternoon has in store for me. Work or party :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to get rid of you buddy, although if you weren’t here Juan would have a minutely better chance at the goodies.:wink:

If I can win my CMI fee, it will be worth it:)

Wow, you’re going big, Juan! :cool:

I was just hoping to win a few “Now that you’ve had a home inspection” books!! :smiley:

8 hour training class tomorrow. BUT, I will be there with my laptop and new wireless hot spot. Got skunked last year due to multiple inspections. Not again.


Three appointments today. Good luck to all who will get to participate :smiley: