Reminder everyone. Make sure your information is correct in your profile:

Hey Nick. Mine shows I have 10 errors yet they are filled out. They are marked with a red X ???

Fix them.

OK it works now .

It did not earlier when Mike posted.
I had the same experience.

Good to go.

OK. Good.

Thanks. Working for me.

Mine has the same problem. A bunch of RED X’s, even though everything is filled out, correctly.


United States - ** X**

Please fix the following errors:

  • This field is required.
  • Invalid selection.

Good to go

And I thought we were Pals. :frowning:

All I did was try to let you know something was wrong :wink:

I don’t have access to your accounts, so if you see something wrong in … it is wrong on 4,500 other sites including Furthermore, I wouldn’t know if it was wrong if I was looking at it as I don’t know your address or phone number or any other contact information. Only you can check it and fix it if it is incorrect.

On mine none of the info was wrong at my profile where a Red X appeared. After I clicked submit, without making any changes, the X,s disappeared.

OK. Thanks. Good to know.

Good to go

Wouldn’t let me save without a fax number. Don’t have a fax. Typed in all zeros. Hope someone doesn’t try to send anything. lol


I just confirmed that it doesn’t require a fax number. Could it be that you accidentally entered part of a number in there?

You should be OK to go back in and delete the fax number if you want.