Remote camera shutter

I have thrown away all of the remote camera shutters that have come with my tripods for my CRMs. My last CRM and tripod I bought I started using the remote shutter. I tried it on one inspection and it was awesome. Phone in one hand and remote in the other. I can stick the phone inside a cabinet, behind a furnace or any other place that would be tricky to get two hands in there. On the roof it’s sweet too. Stretch one arm out and snap a pic. Anyone else try using one of these?

That’s cool. My camera has NEC connectivity. I connect it to my phone and run the camera up a pole, set it down and walk away…whatever…my phone is my shutter remote. And I can see the image.

For you, no more bending so far over AC’s to get the data! :slight_smile:

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I think this is the same?
I use it & it’s great.


I just use my phone with the flash on and video instead of picture and then you can pause if you want to look at something closer.

Another handy tip for hard to get photos, if your phone camera app allows it, set it to touching anywhere on the screen takes a picture. This is a lifesaver for one-handed pics.

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