Remote panel question

Would like to get some input on this remote panel. Incoming wires connected to 50 amp breaker and neutral bar. This 50 amp breaker is the disconnect for the other breakers in the panel, correct? I did not note any ground wires and the neutral bus bar appears bonded to the panel. Note the green bonding screw. Can the neutral wires be bonded to the panel if there are no ground wires?

The 50 is the disconnect for the panel.

If this is a remote panel in the same building as the service there are issues with the feed being 3 wires instead of 4. You also have missing connectors.

I don’t believe that panel comes with a bond screw. Do you have a larger view of the screw in question?

This panel has multiple issues and screams of DIY. Needs to be evaluated by a professional electrician.

Like Robert said, nothing about this panel is correct…

Nevermind, now I see the bond screw. Was on a tablet earlier. Lots to be fixed.

Thanks for the help guys. You have validated my concerns with the panel. I knew there were defects with the panel, I just wasn’t sure the degree of the problems.
Jim, in the last photo, you can see the green bonding screw on the neutral bus bar.