Removal of basement carpet

If the carpet is removed in the basement do you note it as possible past flooding?

Carpet removal, in and of itself, does not indicate past flooding.

Larry is correct and it also means that they have undergone renovation or found out that a carpet in a basement is not always the right product to use on flooring material when the design for it has not been verified. :slight_smile:

Or… it could just be that it was threadbare or extremly dirty beyond cleaning and stinky. Report the known facts, and only the known facts, as witnessed by yourself, only.

Agreed, facts are always the right indicator as to why things get done such as this scenario.
Carpets in a basement is not always a good choice, but is aways a material that does not get much abuse in traffic.
There are too many people that install carpeting in a basement and the moisture content of the concrete is not addressed or considered.
Comments can only be made when seeing the product first hand.
The pictures above show no signs of water staining on the baseboard that would indicate a flooding situation, so reporting such, would be speculation.
Report what you see at the time of the inspection. Flooring material has been removed for whatever reason, looks dry and may be under renovations that is not complete.
No signs of moisture intrusion was noted at the time of the Inspection.


If the splattering on the back of the drywall is a reddish brown to a tan color, it just might be Asperigillus mold. From the staining on the back of the drywall, there was some kind of small water loss in that area at one time. Email me at a larger picture and I can give you better advice.
Marcel is right about the staining, if the basement been flooded the baseboards would be stained.

Here is another photo of the basement the baseboards don’t appear to have water damage.

What was the moisture reading at the finished wall?

Can you show us where we have to be concerned about past issues in a house?

If you don’t have factual evidence, you’d better keep suspicion to yourself!

Carpet in a basement is always common. Having had some recent flooding where I am from, many friends of mine are opting not to put carpet in their basements again. They claimed it was a hassle and not worth more problems. I believe they are going to use nice concrete flooring and put down some area rugs instead. You will definitely need to report any water damage when it happens. It is always courteous for the next person that may be wondering the same things you are.

The pictures and descriptions are to vague to be of any use here.