Removing information from images

I have a Flir Bcam sd and I can’t figure out how to take the temperature information off of the picture.
Can this be done on the camera or only in the software?


I think its like trying to get the FLIR off your images. No. No. No.

If you want it off save the image in a JPEG. Then do some cutting :twisted: in Adobe.:mrgreen:



I think I remember Scott Wood, an instructor from one of my classes, saying that stuff would disappear if you saved the image with bitmap file format (.bmp) but I haven’t needed it to try it.

Larry I did that and it did nork for me.

May e i did not do correct:shock:



When I transfer my images and go to the software to delete the spot marker the only thing that is left is the temperate meter at the right. That is what I need to get rid of.


I read somewhere on the FLIR website that you may need to call them to figure it out. Easiest way is to just crop the image, rename and save.

Using QR2 save as .bmp

then expand 400% with image software

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With a FLIR all you have to do is open the image with their software and do a save when you close. The screen info will disappear and the image quality will be improved in the saved file. There’s no real need to change the file type.

You should be able do delete all screen info except the span range.

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In the Flir Ouickreport software, "save the file " below the file name you can choose the file type. Choose bitmap. It will go away. The bitmap is slightly larger in file size (225 vs 95). You can always go back and change it back to a JPG (7.5k).

It is then no longer radiometric. (you can’t change anything, it is just a photograph).

Thanks, David. I had forgotten it was in Quickreport where one can do it and have been very busy without time to look it up.