REMRate Software

Anyone using REMRate software for energy audits.

I am on Module 7 of the RESNET training and I am on an excercise using the software doing a detailed version.

My trainer is in a conference all week. There is enough info in the help files and slides but I do have a lot of questions.

If anyone is familiar with the program I would like to ask a few questions.


Either ask me on this site or phone me I will help you if I can!


Thanks for taking the time to help me.


I am doing a detailed excercise with the Rem software.

First question is on doors. The house faces South. I added an insulated door with no storm. I am trying to figure out what the Opaque area is. The door is 30 * 68.

On the North side of the home the door is the same size 30 * 68 and has a storm door.

So how do I add the doors to the software.

I also need help with the Blower Door information. The values I have is 1350 cfm @ 50 pa. (I had the most difficulty with the air leakage module)

I believe the formula is ACH50 = CFM50 X 60/V

The volume I came up with is 39559. The homes Sq. ft. is 2327.

I think I have the appliances and mechanical equipment done right.

On the lighting I need to do detailed but I do not see where the pin based and CFL are. (I see it on the simplified)

On the dishwasher EF. Do you use energy factor or federal standard.


If you need I could email you the slides of the excercise.

I really appreciate your help as this is all very new and difficult at times for me.


Wow. You’ve got my head spinning with those numbers…

It is hard to figure a building when I have not even seen or used a duct blaster and door blower.(This is done in class) It would also help if the instructor would respond to my calls and emails. It takes him about 2-3 days to respond. Usually by then someone helps me out.

Dominic and my wifes Dad have helped me with the math. My friends at Nachi are trying to help me with the software.

There are so many fromulas and information that is needed. It is some pretty cool stuff though.

I am beginning to understand the complexity of the building sience of a home.

My head was spinning so bad yesterday that I could not even figure simple equations like Sq. Ft. of a window and the slope of a triangle.


I am going to be out all day today. I will try to answer these questions tonight if I have enough energy!

I will be in all day trying to figure out all these questions and more.

Thanks, hope the instructor calls today.

Take care!!

Send as many math questions you want this way, the software though, I’ve never even seen. Luckily you got great members like Robert to help you out :slight_smile:

Yes it was very nice of Robert and you to help me out. I am on Module 9 of 10. Then study some more and then go to a 4 day class in Southern Ohio. Then I hope to past the test.


I am a little tired because I am getting old and I actually worked today but here are some answers!

THe air leak question ACH50 = 1350 x 60/39559
then to get ACH (nat) take your answer for ACH 50 and divide it by the N factor Ohio zone 2 1 story house normal shading N factor = 18.5 so
Ach 50 = 2.05 ACH nat = 2.05/18.5 = .11 = tight house - might require mechanical ventilation

Sq ft of 3’ 6’8" door = 20 sq ft opague area = 20 sq ft unless you have some glass in it

Deatiled lighting is right below simplified chart then hit the add new box and put in your data.

We do noy have storm doors and windows in south Texas! But I think I remember from training that they do not count but do not bet on that!

On the dishwaher if I know the energy numbers I put them in or if I don’t I use the default.

That is all I have for now - hope it is correct - hope it helps!


Thanks, it does help.

Hi Dominic,

Here is a link to download the FREE software, and for all NACHI members, the link will take you to the training page.

RETScreen SOFTWARE Download

Like Will would say, Hope this helps!

Thanks Mario, I’ll check it out when I get some free time (haha).

You are using software that will do ALL the math for you automatically. Open your spreadsheet and use the home calcs form.

I know…better late than never:)