Rendering of Inspector-of-the-Year trophy.

We are having this trophy built for the inspection industry. Bronze color with a wooden base.


Lose the heels and note pad. Replace with a tablet and flats - JMO.

You know, I never noticed those heels until just now. I’ll have that fixed. Thanks.

May as well go all out and have a high intensity LED installed in that flashlight!

That image makes me look fat.:slight_smile:

It’s not the image that is making you look fat. LOL

Cargo pockets on pants, & don’t forget my vest, Nick!:smiley:
Oh, and I use a smaller, tactical light;-)

Get your own gag line Russ.

Does anybody use a flash light with 7 C batteries anymore? LOL
Since I wear cargo pants and safety hat I agree with Russel.

I do not see the plumber’s crack were is that?

Make sure the base is made of “BLUE WOOD” we wouldn’t want it to rot or mold.

Very nice, can’t wait to see the end product!

Hey Nick
Who is making it? My wife is in the Trophy Business , she supplies the parts to Trophy Companies .

Can she make a trophy like that? If so, I want to order a bunch. I want to expand to major cities, ex: Knoxville Inspector of the Year, etc.

Not sure Nick i will ask her . If she has a idea i will send you her information so you can talk
I try to stay away from here Business It is safer that way lol

LOL. I’ll tell you a funny story. I owned company for a while that grew very fast. We outgrew our building and so I sold it and moved across the street to a bigger building. About a year goes by and one of my kids gets hurt at school. My wife came to the old building looking for me only to find a stranger sitting in my chair. My wife told the man that her husband owned the company and that she needed to get a hold of me. Finally, someone figured it all out and explained that I had moved to a new building across the street… last year.

On the same subject my Wife has a business of spending money. She works at call center and puts the money in the bank and on credit cards she then writes a big fat check to a Horse Stable Company to look after the horse and train. I get involved in her business only to see the Horse and get nipped trying to get close to it by 3 other Horses.
Her horse has three white socks and she probably will never be able to ride it.
Oh and no they don’t look after her stall so she has the doo doo to pick up also. LOL

I was raised on a Horse farm , Now you know why i am a home inspector lolol

Good for her glad to see Has a great hobby… Roy