Renewal update question

Can any one tell me how long it will take for my new nachi renewal date to show?

Your renewed Mark! If you send the check or cc info in you will be renewed as soon as we open the envelope. If you call in, we’ll get you renewed instantly. :wink:

Yeah, stick with us, you’re a good guy!

Still using the cane, Mark?

Lisa, I got in online at 10:41 am on our

Mark is set now.

Thanks Nick, Lisa, and Russ.
I will always be a Nachi member as long as the man upstairs and Nick will have me. By the way Russ, To give you a update. I will be having my major back surgery on the 12th of July. I was really uneasy about taking the on-line test do to all of the pain meds and such. They all have my head more messed up then it normally is. :roll: I was not happy with my score,but at least I was able to pass it. :smiley: You probably won’t see me on here much before the first of august. :frowning: They are giving me all new longer hard ware. Please keep me in your prayers, the doctor said this will be a 12+ hours surgery.