Renewing TREC Lic online

Ok this is lame.
I usually take my CC’s and application to the TREC office in Austin.
I went there and they have moved downtown so renewing for the 1st time online cos downtown parking insane.
I started the process thinking it would get to the point to upload the CC certificates. I paid and all and then nothing else.?
Now reading over all the gobble gook and I think it is telling me I cannot renew online unless they have received the CCs 10 days beforehand.
Oh brother-- do I need to go there after all?
Also red it says I will be inactive until then. That better not be true. Its not up for renewal til end of April.
Any clarification helpful:roll:

Hello Kathy,

You can scan the training certificates and email them in. If you check or ask they will notify you when they add them to your file. Then you can perform the on line renewal.

I was sent a letter to renew my LLC license online; however, I was unable. I called TREC and was told that it cannot be renewed online and must be sent in via snail mail. :confused: