Renovation Loans inspections

Good afternoon, I’ve been in the industry for about a year now and never had a question like this. I’ve a new client how asked me if I do renovation loans inspections specifically the FHA 2023K and the Fannie Mae Home-Style. my question is are these regular inspections or is the client requesting some special trade knowledge. I’ve been in the construction trade for more than 14 years and have done a lot of renovations for Fannie Mae and others so Ill know what to look for in these inspections.

Thanks for the help on this

The FHA 203K you got to attended a class In Washington D.C., the last time I heard, to be certified to perform them.

Thank you James, I didn’t know that what about the Fannie Mae?

The Fannie Mae Home-Style loan product places all the requirements on the lender to either have inspections or not. FM is looking at the Appraisers to ensure the home will appraise for the value stated by the lender. If it’s FUBAR the lender will be forced to buy back the title. So the lenders can specify whoever they want and however they want for any type of phased construction and/or phased renovation inspections.