REO Network

Anybody belong or paid the $300.00 for . What were the results


Nope…sorry I can’t offer any information.

Is that a fan club you joined back in the 70’s or 80’s after the concert? No, seriously I have never heard of it.

I remember REO Speedwagon. I believe they were a local Chicago area band.

Ask them for a list of inspectors that use their service and call them to see whats what.

They were a local Chicago band. As a matter of fact the lead singer went to my high school.
Of course that was a few years before I went there.

Maybe I need to start one of these sites.
Just buy a domain and ask for cash to link.
Damn I could have been charging all those that link with me.
OK guys .
Link with my site for $200 what a deal.
Any Takers?

No thanks.