Repair request "Invalid document type"

Hey Russel.

We upload a separate summary. Clicking on “create repair request” under the document returns “invalid document type”. If works on our full report upload.

Hi Kenneth,
In your HG software File printing Options…In the print options window highlight the Summary only document and select the large EDIT button. In there at the top right is a drop down selection of “Document Type” you probably have Summary set as an Inspection report. You need to change the document type to Summary.

This should now remove the feature link below summary and your customer or agent can access the feature from the full inspection report. This will still allow them to sort by summary so all should work well!

We changed the document type some time ago to inspection from summary. Because the download option was not showing under the manage drop down list.
I re-checked and we are using inspection as the document type for our summary only upload. However the option to create repair request CRR is there until you get the error and use the browser goback button. Then you are correct the summary only document does no longer have the option to CRR. Shut down browser and re-load the option is back on our summary only documents.

As a side note, I wish we could get away from the creating a separate summary upload. However agents want demand it. Wish there was a button on the web site for view summary only. Agents would love it. Am I missing something. Ken.

Agents can get the same summary automatically. When you upload the report, the summary is parsed out and is available at the top right of report. It is a better way so they open the main report and then click the summary.

look at this sample report (or look at your own report as it works the same way) at the top right

It would be easier on your agents if all they had to see was one document, the inspection report. The summary is there waiting on them as well as save as PDF.

Ill look into that. We used to do it as one full report, got numerous requests for a separate summary. I think so they can email is around easier. If we go to a single upload full report can the agent email the summary only. I think that was why we started doing it, but it has been years.

Back to the original question, changing the document type to inspection does not solve the invalid document type. Thx.