Repairs to a mock inspection property

Hi All,
I am in process of becoming certified, and have come to a dilemma. A few months before I started the process, I agreed to provide some handyman services to a friend who was going to be selling her house after the first of the year. In the meantime, I started this process and found out that I needed to perform 4 mock inspections. I offered to perform a mock inspection for my friend, who willingly accepted. By InterNACHI’s COE, is it allowed for me to perform home repairs on a home that I am performing a Mock home inspection?
Tim Brandon

Good question.
Since it’s a mock inspection I don’t think its a conflict.

For a mock inspection I would not be concerned, it is not a paid inspection. If on the other hand you were offering a fee paid inspection, you would be in conflict of the COE.

On that question. If an inspector performs the inspection, then helps repair the issues and does not charge for it, is it a conflict?

That is not intended to start a conversation about the financial side of it. lol

Thanks, all.
That’s what I was thinking and am glad that you’ve confirmed my thoughts.