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Hello to Nick and all Members,
Thank you for approving my membership. I find it neccessary to clear my name because of a reply to a post in the Misc Forum - Thread “Another HI search engine” calling me out as a scammer. I am posting here because my membership does not allow me to post in that forum. I am no scammer. My name is Gary Dean and I am the owner of approvedhomeinspectorDOTcom. I am a 46yr old businessman(dub). I have spent 20yrs of my life as a builder. In reference to the scammer post(link). Back some time ago I purchased a site from an individual on This is a webmaster forum where you can bid, buy websites. The site was said to have $1000 monthly revenue. He had documents, the works, to prove it. I bought the site for $7000. Soon after I bought the site I quickly found out it had no revenue. He had falsified the documents. He kept telling me it would come, so I gave him a month and a half and still no revenue. He would not refund my money so I was forced to do a chargeback. I lost… We had used escrow to purchase the site. By doing this I was not able to get any of my money back. I lost $7000. The man that wrote that post still has the money. The site still and never had any revenue. As you can see, I am not the scammer here, the guy that wrote that post is the scammer. His name is Jean Dafauge from Maryland. After further investigation he has scammed many others.

ApprovedappraiserDOTcom. has been in the works for four months. I have
sent over 100,000 emails to real estate professionals and homeowners
asking what they would like to see in a directory and announcing the
launch of Approved Home Inspector. The site launched last week. I have
a great seo team working on the site. My team is working the site now with seo, marketing, etc. It will rank very well in a short period of time. We market the site to real estate professionals and homeowners. This is not a scam guys. I would never take anyones money without warrant. I would like to say I am not here to market the site just clear my name. But I did want the ones that joined to know this is no scam. We are here for the long haul.

Thank you for your time.
Gary Dean

Thanks Gary for sharing that information. Hopefully it will help resolve any mis-understandings, such as, Another HI search engine .

Though as a home inspector I can appreciate why some may have been hesitant about your site. I receive offers many times a week from different directories and I’m sure there are several with higher ranked sites that get a lot more than me.

Good luck with yours.

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