Replying to win

How do you guys respond so fast

I programed my response in one of my G keys

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Truth!!! I am slow I guess.

hhaha, I just copy and paste response

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Wish I Knew

I have it in my clipboard but it says its a similar response LOL i cant win for losing lol


Same here!

I know the feeling :frowning:

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guess those of us without super high speed internet are out of luck. by the time a post shows up, already 10 or more responses. Good luck , have fun, gonna go do something productive


Internet here in Dunbarton NH is way to slow!

David Hackett
Peek inside LLC


This seems a bit ridiculous, I gotta work.


I copied my info Replied it said the reply is “too familiar to the my other replies.” Guess i’ll go to work, Merry Christmas everyone.

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I do the same but I tweak every one a little different.

Almost impossible to be quick with an iPad.

Hi David.
Heavy snow down here in SNH.

Hi Gordon,
About 3 inches in Dunbarton. Time to clean up before the wife gets home. The internet here is to slow to do much on the Internachi Christmas party.

Happy Holidays!


Dave Hackett