Report Attachments Wind Mit/Four Point/Pics

What’s up with the arrows on the forms tab? When you add the Wind Mit, Citizens Four-Pt plus the picture pages you wind up with about 10 tabs. Problem is if I need to go back to the far left to see the first tab.

On the top right are the “thick” left and right arrows but rearrange the pages. There is a small right arrow box on the far right that will move you from left to right. Problem I’m having is if you need to move back to the left the left small arrow box is hidden behind the “thick” right arrow. You have to hover your mouse over the thick right arrow and the small left arrow box will appear for a brief second. Very tedious and if you don’t hit it just right it move the page mixing the pages…a nightmare.

Hard to explain in email but frustrating and seems to be a glitch in software. Anyone had this problem? Suggestions?

Yes the arrow features were added in 5.2 version to help move a picture page to the correct form. For instance if you have a wind mit form and a pic page then you add a 4 point and a pic page but need another pic page for wind mit. You can add a pic page then use the arrows to move it over past the 4 point and append to the wind mit.

I see what you describe after a wind mit and 4 point and more than 5 picture pages are added. I will talk to the developer. How often do you need more than 5 picture pages? or Are you using a smaller screen perhaps and run into this problem with less than 5 picture pages.


Thanks Russell for the quick response. In Florida, the wind mitigation and 4-point will usually need 3-4 photo sheets each so the arrow problem is likely to be a frequent problem. I’m newer to the trade so maybe other FL inspectors do it differently or have a workaround. Don’t think it’s a screen issue working on 17 inch notebook.

Don’t know how hard it will be to fix but the sooner the better. Thanks.

Tim Czachur
Home Shield Inspections, LLC

we could add more picture slots per page pretty fast.

Won’t the pics have to be smaller then to fit on page? I’ve already been told pics are too small so don’t want to go smaller. Know nerds are working on enlargement feature.

No quick fix for the arrows?

I love HIP Wind Mit App… give it a try!

Thanks but that app only works with HIP software from what I tell from app description.