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Thought ever one would like this I just inspected a condo that had a prior inspection by an A$HI member. and the report was there for me to look at it only listed 3 things wrong 2 of them I was told about by the owner because they new of the problems prior to the inspection and the other one was only addressed as to the fireplace blower don’t work he didn’t even address that the damper for the fire place don’t open along with several other things I found in the attic and crawlspace. there were sever issues not addressed in his report and every thing only said satisfactory. HMMM did he follow their SOP’s ??? my client was very great full that they had chosen me they had been burned by a cheap inspector before said I guess you get what u pay for.

I also got a mold job from a client that hired the cheapest and is now calling use back to do the job right It ended up costing her more that hiring me to start !!!

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Well…Inspection reports are only good for the day of the inspection right?

I just did a roof inspection for someone that needed a professional opinion on whether he needed a new roof. Inspector he hired couldn’t evaluate due to snow, which is understandable. he had some ice damning problems and water getting in the home from the valley’s. I asked if the inspector was into the attic. He said yes, the inspector said he was all over in the attic and everything looked good.

I popped into the attic and no way the inspector checked out the whole attic cause it was all blown in and no way to traverse it. I looked at the report and it didnt’ mention traversing…just noted insulation type and roof structure type. I said “doesn’t say anything in the report about him goin all over” he said. "well that’s what he told me after the inspection.

He said/he said.

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