Report: Global Temps 'have Not Risen Since 1998'...


But some are still predicting that global warming will pick back up in the future… LOL.

Did you actually read the ENTIRE article John or just pick the part you liked at the beginning?

Back in the mid 70’s we were moving back to the ice age

Geez John you are going to fire up M. Larson are you trying to get as big a thread as those up north guys.

"are you trying to get as big a thread as those up north guys"

Up here in the ‘Great White North’ size does matter.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :shock:

Why is all this a problem

We can get Will D to call his best UHSP (used home sales person) to turn on the big AC unit and cause a nuclear winter

I think we have enought bombs left over from the cold war (wonder why we called it the cold war)

And lets see where would be a good place to set them off so we could help out all of mankind??

Frostproof Fl need a face lift and most of us have insurance

How about all of New England and then we could change the name to New United States (never did like the name New England)

Time for some more coffee


I remember that also. When I was a kid, I can remember two foot of snow on the ground all winter. Lately the winters have been milder, but it’s nothing more then weather cycle changes the earth goes through every 20 or 30 years. The whole Al Gore global warming thing is a bunch of B.S.

I live in New Hampshire and in my yard we have had at least THREE feet of snow {or more} ALL winter long!

Right now we have at least a foot of snow left!

Beware of Man-Bear-Pig!

1/2 - man,
1/2 - bear,
1/2 - pig!