Report Host

Anyone out there currently using Reporthost? I’m looking for feedback on this reporting system, as I am thinking of upgrading to this report. Comments?

Thanks gents,


Works great for me!

I love it.

I’ve been using Report Host for almost a year now, and I like it for several reasons. Their technical narrative descriptions are very helpful, and save me time when I’m writing about “typical” concerns. The narratives can also be easily customized, which I’ve done for the specific concerns that I find a lot. And I’ve added my own info about local community covenants and about certain technical loan inspections.

My clients have been impressed by the ability to read the report from any internet computer. They like that it’s written in a readable style, with photos in the report.

Some people think that Report Host is more expensive, since you are paying for each report that you publish. When I calculated it, it was not more expensive, since I also had to consider long-term storage and availability of reports, regular software upgrades, and my own need to write a report from a different computer, when I’m not at my own desk. And the fact that my clients love it makes it worth the cost.

I’m not a Canadian inspector, but I suppose the benefits for Report Host are the same no matter where you work.

My clients love it!!! After you get used to it, it’s great!

Ditto all of the above!

I liked it well enough before, I like it alot more now that they’ve added more descriptions to choose from. Just in case something else comes along that you like, you will have no deep investment in this system to fret over. Get on board and I doubt you’ll jump ship.