Report or not to report

How many of you report the lack of screws were the flue pipe connects to the flue collar on a water heater. From my undersating there should be 3 screws at this connection.

Yes …you are correct and I doubt if any one would argue the other side.

o3 irc 2427.10.7

sheet metal screws
Listed vent material assembled and connected…bla bla bla

In other words the kind of vent pipe that locks together is accepted also. :smiley:

I still thought that type b flue had to be connected in the same manner at the flue collar

Man I need to get 2003 Irc

Haaaa Ha

back in my day------------3 weeks ago I jacked em’ up every time.

Not that it is dangerous, but it is what the AHJ requires here.

The code check books have it in both the overall codecheck and the HVAC. :smiley: