Report or not?

I found these today in an apartment complex (16 units) . The Manager (owner’s son) was going to contact the owner ( his dad) to see if he should evict, or call the police.

There is always the chance they will do nothing since the building is selling…

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I believe I would have just pretended I did not see it. I inspect homes not personal items. Just my 2 cents.

I agree. You don’t need a vengeful tenant looking for you.

Ben how do you get all these apartment complexes? I thought you were up in them mountains?

Erol Kartal

I am in West Tn, no mountains. We have several apartment buildings in Martin. The UNiversity of Tennesse at MArtin.

I have a bid in on another set.((24 units , 4 buildings) We will see. All of the buyers are from California. They are coming here and buying all of the rentals.

You can get evicted for a bong? Glad I have always been an owner…whew. I never would have had a place to live back in the 80’s and 90’s

Mind your own business. You’re there to inspect the property.

Adam, A Plus

I didn’t put it in the report, but there are children in this complex. It is hard to mind your own business.

You asked for opinions.

From the photos, it would appear to be for personal use.

Adam, A Plus

Not a meth lab…as far as I know you can’t even get a contact high from a bong…


 I know and can share your feelings about the blessing of people buyiing up apartment buildings.  I am working on a job, where 2 people are buying 35 differant builidngs in here.  I have a signed contract for doing them all. 
Out of Town investors, got to love them. But I will leave all personal stuff between the owners and the tenants.  It is like where two hats.  Example which is against the law.  The police officer in a house a volunteer fireman, then finds the same situation.  He acts on it while he is in the house.  The case gets thrown out of court.  True story and facts here in NY.


As me and the manager went into another apartment the tennant started complaining about the dealer in number 14. She said that people were driving up all hours of the night and passing things back and forth, what she believed was drugs.

I did not say a word. The manager told her to call the police next time.


Best thing is to do, play dumb and deaf. Unless you see a life & Death situation. Then it is a moral thing you have to do. One thing I have found
out about tenants, they will have everything but nice to say about apartments during the inspections. You want to talk to some one who is an expert about the right and wrongs about buildings, tenents, etc. Talk to a long term tenant.
I remember one time I did apartment building in Rochester, NY. I thought this lady was either sister to or twin to the one in Elmira, NY. The same way talking, carrying on and the apartment. She complained about everything and everyone but herself. What she did was absolutely 100% good. We had to walk through the house sideways. It was funny and I laughed. I was with the owner and she was getting all over him. Then she looked at me and started in. I told her, I think I met your sister in Elmira. She laughed and poked me in the side. So this business can be fun. Just got to be nice.


lol…the bong wont get you evicted…lol…but the residue inside the bowl will…:slight_smile: well…actually it may evict you but you will still have a roof over your head and 3 meals a day…by the state !

:cool: :smiley: [/size]

Personal opinions aside, if I were a renter and was evicted for something that a home inspector saw in my home I think it would cost the home inspector a whole lot of time and money trying to explain why he was photographing personal items inside my home. The ramifications of taking photos of personal belongings is, in my mind, not worth the trouble. If things were found to be missing after the inspector left the home and the photos were uncovered I wouldn’t want to be that home inspector. Further to that if I knew the home inspector had been taking photos of my personal belongings, especially if I was operating on the wrong sde of the law, things, very valuable things, would show up missing very quickly. If it is a “my word against yours” scenerio an inspector would be hard pressed to justify the photos. I doubt the police could even do anything based on photos “allegedly” taken at the scene.
Don’t go there.

most certainly it would probably be evidence that is dismissed anyway…

But I can say…as a previous apartment complex owner…NOT ANYMORE…anyway…if I was doing a walk through which I required on a monthly basis…just my policy…it better not be in view of me when I walk around…and thats not an inspector talking…thats the owner of the building at that point.

What someone does in their personal life is their business…but when they run the risk of getting wasted and burning down my building…kick it into another gear fella…and out my door…

I think a good arguement would be that this could effect the value of the complex.

I posted it just for opionons, They have all been good.

Ha Ha…bong and pot in an apartment effecting the value?
Ha Ha…smoking pot will get you wasted enought to burn down a home?

no offense…but if either of these were the case, all apartments would be worthless AND burnt down…sheeeesh

Psst…i don’t smoke pot or do drugs of any kind…