Report review

I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to review a couple of my reports for me. My reports seem to be coming out at about 70 pages with about 100 pictures. I am curious to know if this is too much, not enough? Am I picking out minor items or not enough? Will the agents hate me and the buyers love me?

Any help is appreciated.

Post it on members only and get a bunch of reviews.
Length does not matter lol ] but seriously it is about the punchlist or summary.

Can be 500 pages as long as there is a clear and concise summary that allows one to go straight to actual negotiable issues.

If you have trouble posting it… email it to me and I’ll email you back a link to it as a PDF that you can then post.

100 Pics is about my average.

Agents, well, you’re not there to please the agents. It’s nice if you can, but it’s not your job.

Some agents love that you’ll take care of the client. Some will blame you for making their client think twice about closing escrow. It happens, you’ll never please everyone.

I just home from an inspection. The client was the seller of a place I had inspected I did last month. He told his agent to call me because he wanted the exact same guy who had caused him so many headaches for his own house. He told me in person he really appreciated how many details I had found.

While I was doing that inspection, the agent from Saturday’s inspection called me and told me buyer canceled escrow based on my inspection, and then asked me what day I was available for his next client. lol.

Granted, this doesn’t all happen over night, but if you work at it hard enough, it will come.