report should be treated as a punch list

Thanks. I will look up the material.

My style is basic, even bare bones.
Reports observations are condensed of what you see.
Observation: Foundation crack. Vertical, diagonal, Vertical/diagonal/step, lastly horizontal.:frowning:
Gap diameter, and other characteristics, are added when required.

Recommendations the same thing. Professional trades, RBQ licensed, Bonded technicians, Joe six pack…:stuck_out_tongue:

Limitations are important.

Did punch list, or check list reporting allow one to develop a narrative?
From what I recall, pictures/illustrations were scarce.
Roy, Claude, Len, any points of view?

Robert, I don’t see any need to repeat my points which were given in post #8 & #10 in this thread (for your reference). Thanks for asking though. :cool:

When I started inspecting homes I used the paper checklist in a plastic letter clip board I had received from PHII to follow SoP.
As well, members I mentored were given the paper checklist in a plastic clip board to help them follow a preset routine.

I found it to be extremely useful and followed that inspection routine for almost 3 years.

I think many inspectors still use the

Many home inspectors who are not a member of any association like the C & D System .

Home Reference Book in Soft Cover


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I am quite sure there have been many advances since 1989. Just saying…

It has always been my method to keep it simple. When someone asked me what time it was I didn’t try to tell them how to build a clock.


Well Dougie… We’re a bit older… And creakier… And crankier… :wink:

The e-version appears to be updated on a periodic basis and is a good resource to have.

The only way I’d buy the soft cover is for a client. Otherwise, just extra weight to carry around.

They also have the “insight” app available - Full of great resources.

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I do not like to use CD on tablets to do on site reports.
Same goes for reading material on site.
I prefer to come back to the office and review the findings.

There’s enough problems with getting clients to read the report, let alone thinking they will actually read all the extra filler.

Although the filler may be nice after the fact, I would be interested in hearing how many actually really spend much, if any time to actually use it.

Perhaps just my experience but most want to know the bottom line of must care about defects.

Claude, IMO, there lay one of the issues with meritless claims and the client’s lack of due diligence.

Of the clients I have Claude, I can tell you about 1/3rd actually use the report as a maintenance list after purchasing.

It may be more, but I’ve only had feedback from that 1/3rd.

I know of at least 20 clients that didn’t do a thing in the report, as I’ve had 20 inspections on homes I had performed an inspection on previously which had a list of must do’s and nice to do’s of which after 3 & 4 years none were done.

Thanks Len, I base my experience where perhaps a handful at best actually followed up on my recommendations.

I had one call back from a small claims judge in my area where I thought oh no! But low and behold upon arrival he was very friendly and showed me all the items I had listed as being fixed. This was about 6 months after taking possession of the home. He commented to me how much he actually appreciated my “narrative” style report. Just the facts, no filler. Good to know that some people actually read the reports, but I expect realistically should we not expect anything less by a judge of all people?