Report Writing Boot Camp

There’s still time to get into the 2-Day Report Writing Boot Camp in Calgary. September 19-20. Special Pricing for InterNACHI members. Walk-ins are welcome until all seats have been filled.

Questions? Call Roger at ​1-888-308-7779

Two days of intensive report writing training. Bring copies of completed reports for review Be ready for constructive criticism (If you can’t handle constructive criticism, you are ready to grow as a home inspector). At the end of the two days, you will be writing better reports and you will spend less time writing them!

Bring your own inspection report software if you have it and your laptop, notebook, tablet, netbook or whatever you use to write your reports.

This event is co-sponsored by Inspection Time Training and the Great Lakes InterNACHI chapter. This is our first time doing the Report Writing Boot Camp in Alberta.

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Sounds like a good course George.

All the best George.
Report writing is a challenge to many.

Thanks George what Great idea ,

Training & Education - entities providing vocational education in locations such as Ontario or other provinces may want to research before they may be in violation of the law.

Here’s one example for Ontario:

There are certain restrictions, limitations and also exceptions to “Education Acts”.

I simply post this as caution, and not intended to undermine courses that may be advertised training here.

Thanks Claude Much appreciated … Roy

Would like to see this in Florida this winter.

Thank you, Claude you bring up a point.
How can an Ontario association tract Canadian or stateside vocational or education CEU’s?

1: It would be encompassing to say the least.
2: All vocational & education credits would be association or educator spastic.
3: Would require the permission from all involved.

I think it is a great idea and deserves more explanation.

Robert - Governments claim to be protecting consumers by cracking down on those that do not meet the “Acts or regulations” set by the province. Like it or not, and leaving politics aside, there are specific rules, guidelines and of course “regulations” that give them the teeth to pursue those that are in violation.

I simply offered in my earlier post one mere example. It would only be in ones “best interest” to be offering “training” that meets the law. (Wouldn’t you agree?)

As one example “IF” Nick’s plan to bring education and set up his House of Horrors in Ontario, he would be obliged to do it under lawful terms.

The province of BC also as part of the change has also made changes to a formal requirement for any “entity” to meet their specifics for Home Inspector training.

Wearing another hat as an “educator” - one must keep up with these changes.

Claude, what governments claim and do are two different things per-say.
I point to business regulations.
What are businesses required to do in Ontario?

When I opened my restoration and repair business in Quebec the first thing I did was ask the government, as a start up business what rules and regulations must I follow?
I went to each office and did what was required.

I achieved them one by one within the six month time frame allowed back then.

That is why I say start with business regulations.
It is a financial out put.
That would start culling many and make the others realize how serious it is to be a business identity.

It would be in ones best interest to join InterNACHI:)

Are you suggesting he would not?

More food for thought about coming to Montreal were regulations understand the freedoms of the financial market place.
Thanks for the plug!

As for education: InterNACHI offers accepted education that can be proctored if that bar is set.
Hope it is not.
We went through this, students taking on line courses can cheat in 2011.
Students can cheat anywhere.

Vern started proctoring members for the CCHI.
Same can be done online with students proctored afterwards by certified home inspectors in libraries or other provincial or municipal buildings.
Not hard to set up nor expensive.

The educator I belong to does and if not will.
I will reiterate with, I know of no trades or technicians that have to re-certify yearly. Funny we inspect the homes they build.

I believe you are absolutely correct Robert, I don’t believe there are any trades or technicians that have to re-certify annually.

That said, there are a lot of professions that require annual, bi-annual and tri-annual certification. Some professions even require semi-annual certification.

Again, some Technicians require periodic re-certification.

I, like you, don’t know of any “Trade”, especially the construction trade, that requires a worker to re-certify their existing qualifications. (Although I think I read somewhere that the TSSA does have a periodic re-certification process)

This is primarily the reasoning I give to someone who argues that instead of a Home Inspector one would be better off engaging a plumber, framer, electrician and HVAC trade to perform the inspection.

As professional consultants it behooves us to keep up to date with all the changes to all the components in a home and understand them as a complete system. This includes understanding how they fare over time and subject to varying conditions.

Professionals need to maintain their skills and prove they maintain them.

Once you are a Hammer-Monkey however, it appears you can always call yourself a Hammer-Monkey.

That’s why we are, as Professional Home Inspectors, not tradespeople, best placed to perform a Home Inspection. Just my 10c

Please indicate to me where the designation Certified Professional Inspector came from?
InterNACHI, correct?

InterNACHI back-end’S/BANKS CEU’s, Len.

Like money Len, once you bank your finances it accumulates wealth when you add more. You insure you have more than required.

As for trades, they update and amended code compliance or manufacturing installations thorough their employer or can do so on their own at their expense.

Hard to know more than they do/should.

Funny you disregard builders the way you do.
Carpenters are a very respected trade as with other trades that use the many tools to drive fasteners or manipulate objects.
Jesus was a carpenter. If you get meet him one day, and chances appear to be getting slim, call him a Hammer-Monkey and see what direction you may be going on the elevator of after life.

Sensationalism again?
Appears to be your motiv operandi when discussing our services.

We are not technicians, engineers, architects, but service professionals.
Trying to rename what you do has been argued before.


Robert - no plug intended, simply one must do their “homework” before setting up shop or business, so to speak.

What is required to operate “legally” in said province. You can invest a ton of money to find out the hard way that more “red tape” needs or may required to be completed.

I hope this makes perfect sense!

BTW- Robert - A quick CIPO search indicates (PHI) Professional Home Inspector (in Canada) is not owned by InterNACHI. It was owned by Canadian Residential Home Inspections.


Claude, can you please indicate to me where I posted (PHI).
It looks nothing like CPI but again, I know my typing needs polish and as a professional mason even I did not have a grinder large enough to attach a polishing wheel needed.:slight_smile:

If I made a mistake in designations it was purely an honest mistake, but further proves we should all be respectful and proud of our accomplishments and associations. I respect everyone out there. This should be understood.
Once we are grandfathered you will see how we all mutually become one big InterNACHI family at the end. I even heard them say, “resistance is futile”:wink:

I meant, InterNACHI “Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)” Federal Certification Mark.
Sorry for any confusion.

Robert look at post #13 - first sentence.

Just edited.
Thanks for the heads up!
Please refer to post #17.

You can thank me for the plug later:D
Hope all’s well.