Report writing by others........

What are your thoughts about others writing reports for newer inspectors while they get on their feet?

I feel it is a disservice for the client, and a huge liability for all parties. What are your thoughts. This thread is for debate, not attacks.

Good question

Are you talking about just data compiled by an inspector and handing it over to you? Or on a ride along with you tagging behind and observing? Even with pictures provided it would difficult at best to compile someone else’s info into a report and have the ability to feel comfortable about sending it out.


In which case I would suggest that neither of you involve yourselves with it.
There are those who are comfortable with such an arrangement, and it most certainly does not behoove anyone else to condemn or question the practice. I’m sure that those who like and use this service would not endeavor to discuss your business practices (unless, of course, you should ask), and I really think it is in the best interests of all that they be afforded the same respect as anyone else.


I think a ride a long would be alright, its the handing over part that is very dangerous.

Yeah it would be.

Take a medical transcriptionist, they take the info dictated by a doctor and transcribe word for word on the tape, put it on a letterhead and the doc signs it after its been checked for accuracy. A ride along, you’re verifing as you go. But to take someone’s raw data and a few pics, I wouldn’t touch it not at least with my name on it. A transcribed report using someone elses words would be the best I’d do. Still wouldn’t be the party signing thats for sure.

Way too scary.


I would also bet that in states with licensing laws it would not be allowed. In Louisiana you can not have a helper inspect under your supervision if they are not licensed. Two years ago I blew a knee out water skiing and had to hire another local inspector to do my roofs, attic & crawlspaces for 4 months. I would think the same would go for someone writing your reports.

If I didnt see the house/problems in person there is absolutely no way I would write a report about the house. Furthermore, if an inspector needs someone else to write their report, maybe they should work with another inspector for a while to gain experience. That level of inexperience is unfair to the client and our profession IMO.

I think it would be fine for training or teaching purposes, to teach an inexperienced inspector the basics of good report writing, it is no different than Nick asking for good narratives on writing up sub panel neutrals and grounds.

You might want to check with Wendy. I think she stated that she did that for another inspector.

I believed that I had set up our business and inspection protocols properly, so I never had a problem sending inspectors out to inspect using our field work sheets and then giving the work sheets and the camera to me to compile the report. In fact, I actually prefer it because no one writes like I do (duh, right? :shock: ).

At my peak I had nine inspectors, including me. Even when I didn’t write the report, I never let a report go out of my office without me proofing it. I definitely wanted my name on all reports, bar none.

Since this is a right-to-work state, I always thought that if an employee left me and tried to start his own company, the fact that it was my name on every report that went out of my office would make it difficult for any inspector to start his own company by approaching my Clients. Proved true once. He told my best Clients that he had quit and started his own company. Everyone called or emailed me asking me what happened, and continued using me like nothing had happened.

Also remember that I never hired anyone who had any experience whatsoever in any aspect of real estate, yet I was still comfortable enough with my inspection protocols to send them out to inspect after I had trained them.

But that is what you guys aren’t seeing. The report writing that I’m talking about is EXACTLY like a medical transcriptionist. All the way down to the exact words of the other inspector. Exactly. Pictures. Sometimes Video. Exact words, notes, and then it’s sent to be checked over for accuracy, sometimes sent back, then back to the inspector again. This may happen two, three, or four times. However many times it needs to be done for accuracy.

You guys may not have an accurate picture of what happens in this situation.

If it’s good enough for the medical profession, it’s good enough for me.

Oh and if it’s good enough for inspectors who have been in the field for thirty years. It’s good enough for me. And that’s who’s hired me.

OH, and Paul, it doesn’t EVER have MY name on it. It has the other inspector’s name on it. ALWAYS!

I wrote reports for seven months for an inspector in another licensed state.


With training and protocal yes, I can see this easily being done. I often take the same pictures that have the same descriptions. Water on means one thing, and water off means another on the same faucet. This can’t be done with an advertisement over the internet for inspectors that have never met. It can’t be done for an inspector with very little experience either.

I surely hope you hold a license in this state as well. :roll:

If it is like that why would someone pay you to do it? Why not type it themself, or get “dragon” to type it, or their wife, or 16yr old? If it is being sent back and forth that many times them someone is not communicating well either, that is alot of wasted time.

I wouldn’t put your name on it either, always let someone else carry the liability. :wink:

You know honestly, I don’t know why this guy doesn’t want to write it himself except that it let’s him do more inspections. While I’m writing, he’s performing inspections. He does maybe five or six a day while I’m writing. He makes alot more money that way.

The problem as I see it is there are too many inspectors who have their noses stuck in others business and how they conduct their business ventures. It appears that most of the time it is really a matter of there being a degree of personal animosity that exists and these vehicles just provide a way to create a little hate and discontent. It is not just in this thread but in many.

RR, would you have felt comfortable writing someone else’s Home Inspection Report if you had never performed a Home Inspection yourself or had no experience in the home construction business.

Would you send your reports to be written by someone with no experience in the field?

“He does maybe five or six a day while I’m writing”

IMO, that’s a clue right there.