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Actually… IMO, Manny is spot-on! In fact, for someone that hasn’t even performed a paid inspection yet, where do you get off even contemplating giving presentations to agents or anyone for that fact?!

I’m not surprised you love him, You’re an asshole too. In fact, y’all are the two biggest assholes on this forum that I have so far identified. Instead of being helpful, you belittle, berate, and generally antagonize folks who have never harmed or even met you. You are the definition of a bad sport, a negative person, someone who tarnishes the reputation of Home Inspectors. I don’t care if you’re the most talented HI on the planet, you’re nothing but a whining child in a mans body. If you can’t be positive, please shut the hell up. You only make yourselves and the profession look bad.

The easiest thing to do is put them on ignore.

But in the mean time, MEMBERS are not moderated on the message board.

How do I do that? I don’t want to stink up the board with my dissatisfaction. Thanks!!

Please go to your control panel & figure it out. It’s not hard.
Then try to realize everyone is different. I think you overacted. I suggest you try to get along here, there are many, many members that have a wealth of knowledge & are willing to share it… unless you’re a whiny baby. :wink:
Good luck hope you make a living being an inspector.

I tend to ignore them completely .
I just go on by makes life easier to not feed the not so nice persons.

So you’re reporting your own post, and asking to be censured?

I’m just trying to understand the various controls of this forum, learn all the things, build a website, market myself, and learn the rest of the things. I’ve passed the tests, paid the fees, jumped through the hoops. I want to be the best inspector around. I want to give real value. I want to put food on the table. I’m trying to get off the ground and don’t appreciate being beaten up while I’m doing it. Inexperience does not always equal ineptitude. I was requested to do office presentations. It wasn’t my idea, I’m just trying to respond in a way that doesn’t doom my relations with these 2 REAs to failure. What I mostly got was rhetoric and venting at REAs in general and a nasty taste in my mouth.–knee-brace-braces.jpg

Wow I’m so honored! After almost 15 years and one of my posts was reported. WooHoo how can you get any higher an honor?? :wink:

Sounds like someone got a little butt hurt. :wink:

Sounds like you’re already well on your way. :shock:

Andy you are correct and very perceptive. This forum is dead compared to what it once was thanks in part to half a dozen guys that sit here and troll due to their tortured souls or simply being total idiots .You seem smart enough to figure out who the rest are .Your best bet is to join a good FB group that actually helps other people and rejects these dopes .

Yes Andy follow Condom Bob’s advice and join a good mutual masturbation Facebook group and you won’t have to worry about being butt hurt! :wink:

Let’s get it all out there…
He changed & has never been the same since he lost the election & his gay boyfriend lover voted for Trump. :wink:

DAAANG! You guys are brutal! :lol::lol:

The TRUTH sometimes hurts!

At least now we understand one of Bob’s sources for his “Butt Hurt”!

Yep and it appears we have many here that can’t handle the truth. Sad as that is really what made this board so different than 15 years ago.

As for Condom Bob he used to be rational until his 2016 Meltdown! :wink: