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Post: Exclusive Free Shipping & Up to $100 Off New HVAC System or Equipment
Forum: Special Discounts for InterNACHI Inspectors
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Posted by: Ramon Khan
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How is this different than any other vendor or inspector/vendor posting on this message board about their wares or services? If he is offering a discount to NACHI members, does this not meet Nick’s requirements to be a vendor on this board?

More specifically, at least they are posting in the correct MB section for what they are stating/offering.

No discount his prices were inflated but I was having some fun with him and it got taken away. Ya have to pay to play;-)

I see your point except I thought “vendors” had to join Nachi and supposedly follow the “New Vendor COE” (that’s for another thread).

IMO by allowing this guy/business to post here offering discounts what’s to stop someone else, that’s not a member, from offering discounts on kitchen appliances, doors & windows, roofing supplies, electrical supplies, etc.

The MB is already turning toward a vendor friendly board; and getting away from it’s original intension as a home inspection board.

Also we’re home Inspectors, not contractors or appliance installers.

Sad but true.

He could have been a contractor. Nick has allowed, in fact put a contractor section, on this message board and they all show as non-members. Nick approved the thread so what was wrong with the post. As for the discounts, nobody ever said they had to be the least expensive item offered to the membership. They had to give a discount. There are software vendors that all have differing prices. It is not just the cheapest that gets to post. So from everything that has gone on with this message board over the last 10-11 months, nothing was wrong with his post.

It offered a discount. It could have been of value to contractors that are member / inspectors here. It was approved by Nick. So why delete the thread? If this is going to be a wide open, vendors rule message board, then open it up to all vendors.