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Posted by: Wand Raymond
Original Content:

Claude I am surprised you a teacher Making a post like this .

It was Marcel who called Ray a bad name .
Will you please show where in Rays post he posted incorrect information .
It looked to me like he has his information correct .

I’m not here to debate the issue.

The comment from Raymond clearly notes - “Ditto the head of NHICC another vendor running the “unvalidated, scam ridden, fraud infested” tempest wherein there is a lawsuit. Taxpayers money used on a federally funded program practicing discrimination.”

That is a libelous statement, currently under review by the parties named by lawyers, and others.

Respectfully Roy - your buddy has stepped into this, by his post.

End of discussion, from me. As noted, it now is up to “others” to decide what the fallout will be, and against whom.

Ray Wand is a guest and his posts are blocked. His posts are pre-screened and are hand picked by Nick Gromicko who personally decides which of Wand’s posts to publish and which of those to leave floating aimlessly in cyberspace.

To “report” a hand picked post that Nick chose to publish as being in “violation of message board rules”…someone is forgetting exactly who it is that personally owns the message board.

Thank James

So James are you thus alluding this is a subject statement acknowledged as falling in the realm of ethical and professional acceptance, if approved by Nick? Thereby “with respect to culpability in such manner that a person is or could be identified as a culpable party” noting as INACHI’s acceptance to let such information be considered as lawful and permitted for public communication through this medium?

Claude…what I am saying is that Nick, as the owner and founder of NACHI, is applying his own standards when he selects which posts of Ray Wand to publish and which to filter out.

I am suggesting that - since Nick is already determining which posts of Wand he wishes to publish - you are basically asking to censor Nick…not Wand.

In this regard, only Nick can answer your inquiry as to the ethical standard that he is applying in this instance.

Thanks James, I just want to know where to place the blame, when the “stuss” hits the fan.

Something tells me that Nick can take pretty good care of himself, Claude.