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Post: Draw Inspectors Needed Nation Wide
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You don’t report your own post!

No way this should be deleted. The inspection community needs to see what type of cheap *** fees you are paying for draw inspections.

Huh… wha?
You mean this?

:stuck_out_tongue: I used to charge that for a Drive by Inspection, where you don’t have to get out of the car. :wink:

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Raise your fees to $150 per draw and maybe it will get removed. Until then, everyone needs to know about the cheap prices you want to pay to professional inspectors.

Thanks for keeping this thread ‘alive’!

I have been doing some internet searches concerning Draw Inspections and came across Land Gorilla. Of course, that lead to more questions than answers about Land Gorilla as a company. So, what better place to conduct that research, than among the Professional Inspectors of InterNACHI!

… on a side note, would greatly appreciate any insight or guidance in getting started with Draw Inspections in the San Antonio, Tx. area.

Hers a tip for you… stay away from anything that uses the term “Field Services”. Typically, these are the BS jobs nobody with any knowledge or professional will touch. Also, from the ones that have actually contacted me… they pay somewhere between $5-$8-$12 and $35, and are within a 30 mile radius of your location! (YES, those numbers are correct)!! I seem to remember there was one a few years ago paying $3.75 but would offer multiple location to do all the same day to make it more enticing!