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Post: California laws
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Posted by: Shawn Rioss
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Geez Dom, Jonas would have gotten to it. Shouldn’t you be writing more features instead of trolling the message board? :wink:

Hey, I needed a break from programming and ran across the canned spam guy!

Maybe you should have been trolling your fantasy baseball team. This will be like week 4 of a 2-10 loss. Your team really sucks. I mean even Blue Balls Warner is in 3rd place. Bwahahahahaha.

Oh YEAH!!! Well, your fantasy team… Hmm. I really don’t have much to say, my team stinks. I give. But just you wait until we match up soon in Fantasy Football!

Bwahahahaha. You and your fellow Geek are the bottom 2.

Yeah. What’s worse, he’s beating me this week…

Forget Fantasy.
My White Sox are in First Place.