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Post: D-Day for the Donald
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Members can not be moderated, contact Nick if you want moved

Moving a members post to the approved and required (by Nick) section is not moderation. Advising a member of their persistant ignorance of the MB rules is appropriate.

Your right ,Ignorance is rampant . but most of the biggest offenders do not get reported . so tell it to someone that can do something about it . Members are not moderated period .

Recuse yourself as your ignorance is running rampant in this matter. This is the appropriate manner to report threads. Let others do the job you refuse to do. Your hate for certain members is obvious and should not be tolerated.

What was offense Jeff ? Only Staff can move it or the OP . report to Nick . My ignorance is running rampant in this matter? Please elaborate? If a member POSTS SOMETHING MODERATORS CAN not DO A THING . I did not post anything hateful just stating . Be careful jumping on the something that was not done.
InterNACHI only moderates non-member posts

No kidding.

As posted above:

Manny followed the posted instructions. Nowhere is it stated NOT to report member posts in this manner. Nowhere does it state WHERE to otherwise post these complaints.

In the past, (before you decided to finally become active), Mr. Frank Carey would message to advise me that he was not able to moderate my concern, but that HE has forwarded the complaint to Nick/Staff for their review/action. So, what’s your problem??

Mr Jeff i said nothing hateful ,How ever you felt it was necessary to add that comment . I was pointing out to the OP that they should contact Nick . I should have added or staff . Volunteer Moderators can not move posts has you know . Yes it should be moved or deleted . Seeing you so proactive have you informed the staff ? BTW i have moderated a few complaints seeing you also decide to say( finally becoming active ) I also have a businesses to run .

Then by all means you should have stayed out of this “reported post” and left it to others more able and willing. YOU took that step, not me.

Again… Manny followed accepted protocol as defined by Nick. Deal with it.

And what reason do i need to do that because you say so?, you had the same option but yet you continue to try to push your weight around , I am listed as moderator and your not .That is the reason i commented in first place so action could be taken if they wanted to follow up with someone that would move it . Have a nice day .

So Wayne is also the Moderator of that section? Nick needs to run a Moderator Training Program and have a Certification Test. Or at least the Certification Test. That way it would keep this type out of that position! :roll::roll:

No problem ask Nick to take me off with the reason way and add you Mr Scanlan.

Always entertaining. Yep.

That’s actually a good idea! After all we see that nothing has to be done on anything so it’s an easy job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well good, step up to the platform , good luck with you new endeavor.:wink:

You seem pretty feckless as a moderator.

Yep… Worth the Membership fee! :wink:


This is not a dig so don’t take it that way. In many, many posts I see you using the pronoun “You” as an adjective in a possessive form. The possessive form of the pronoun “you” is “your”. The proper grammar for the sentence above is:

“with your new endeavor”

A proper way to use “you” in the context of this discussion would be:

“good luck with the new endeavor you are about to start”

The human mind will fill in what is typically not there whether it is during speech or writing. Unfortunately my mind does not function that way and these discrepancies become very clear.

Kind of difficult to moderate a post of the written English language if one does not fully understand the little nuances and basic complexities of it.