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Post: Should I use Bleach to Kill Mold
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Posted by: James Pace Guardian Home Inspection
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More spam from a non-member!

Was he ever a member.

No. And he claims to be an InterNachi member on his website. Even displays the Nachi logo.

Hi to all!
I reported this thread and it was deleted. Nick is aware of the situation and the fact that this person is using an InterNachi logo that is reserved for “members/vendors.”

All of you know that this is the largest home inspectors message board “on the planet”. Because of this people like James are attracted like “moths to a flame!”

Because of certain circumstances I do not frequent the message board as often as I used to. Any time that a post is “reported” I and the rest of the moderators receive an email notifying me/us about a members “concern”.

I then read the thread and if the “concern” violates the InterNachi criteria/guidelines {and Nick agrees with me that it does} I send an email directly to Nick notifying him about the problem.
Once again if Nick agrees with me … the thread in question is usually deleted within 24 hours.

Keep up the good work;-)

Regards, Frank

He is a member.

This person IS a member and has been a member since 2004, much longer than the vast majority of posters on the message board. He had few posts since joining 10 years ago and probably forgot his sign in name / password.

Before everybody starts reporting posts and trashing an individual, perhaps they should check the membership roles. Seems people have just gotten lazy.

Nicki was in those threads

*Also… As Mike stated Nick Gromicko was fully aware of the threads/posts.
As you know even though there are several “moderators” for the message board nothing gets done, and nothing is deleted without Nick’s Knowledge and approval!

[FONT=“Book Antiqua”][size=]All “deletions” are done by the "InterNachi staff!"And as far as I know the only ones with that capability are Nick and Chris!

So… If you are “upset” about this send them an email instead of posting…

I’m not looking for an argument, and I’m not looking for a “message board fight”.

It’s just that I cannot let this go unanswered without explaining the fact that I am not lazy and I certainly did not “trash out” this individual!

I’m tired, my “plate is full” and I don’t have the time, for nor do I want or desire to get into another useless and pointless argument!

I wish you the best!

Regards, Frank

My post had little to do with you. If you read any of the other posts in the 6 or so threads this MEMBER posted, there were numerous people trashing him, and his business without knowing he was a 10 year member.

Had you just checked the membership role, you know, taking 20 seconds or so, before reporting the post, you would have seen he was a member. None of them should have been reported, none of them should have been moved.

The ignorant and detrimental posts by all members should have been removed. Nick has the wherewithal and acumen to update the members information and when approached with the information, should have done so instead of just moving them to the NFE forum.[/size]

Okay… I don’t have very much free time, or time to waste but …Just to please you, and to give you the benefit of doubt, I decided to “follow your rules” and see if you are correct about the “20 seconds” or so.

I reread the article that “I reported”. At the end of the article he has his name, home inspectors website, and other information.

I went to his home inspector’s website and using a stopwatch for verification I read several pages. Interestingly enough the InterNachi logo wasn’t on any of the pages that I read.

I realize that everyone reads at different speeds. Here are the results;

  1. Reading James pace article on mold = 1 minute and 14 seconds.

  2. Going to his website and reading the “about us” equals 1 minute and 6 seconds.

  3. Looking up his InterNachi membership on the “Florida inspectors page” equals 2 minutes without finding his name so I decided to look him up alphabetically.

  4. Looking him up alphabetically {pressing the P} I could not find him so I stopped at 2 minutes.

  5. I then looked him up “by the city of Tallahassee” and found him in 1 minute and 29 seconds
    So…… The grand total is 6 minutes and 35 seconds.

That is 6 minutes and 35 seconds taken out of my life! And for what? Just to show you I wasn’t being “lazy”?

Why does InterNachi even need moderators? It’s kind of simple. InterNachi has a limited staff. “We/InterNachi” have the largest home inspectors message board in the world.

Here are some of the stats.
Most users ever online was 7,304, 7/4/13 at 10:02 AM.**

The actual paid staff would be overwhelmed trying to monitor/moderate 7,304 people at one time.

“Our” message board has had over 1,200,000 “hits”.
That is the reason that we need “volunteers” to help out!

As you know I have almost no “free time”. When I come to the message board it is to relax, and to enjoy intellectual interaction with my peers. Some of whom I consider to be good, close friends!

I do not come here to fight, or to get into any “message board wars”.
I do not have the time, nor the desire to waste one minute of my life “fighting/arguing” with someone who I don’t even know and have never met!

So the bottom line is this…. When someone sends me an email requesting that I look at a post I’m going to continue to do so.
When I see that the IT department lists this person as a “nonmember” I am not going to question them!

In this particular case the thread that was deleted at my request was a “good thing”. As you know ….It was filled with some really nasty comments directed at a home inspector.

I’ve a question for you! Are you aware that ALL of his threads have been removed?

That’s right! A MEMBER’S thread {s} have been removed from the message board!

I say HOORAY! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to file a complaint… File it with the InterNachi staff!:wink:

Life is way too short! I am not your enemy! All of the above means very little, or next to nothing! Enjoy your life:p

Regards, Frank

Agree…members can log themselves in if they wish to. :-k

Thank you!
And as you know we have many ex members who post here on a regular basis!

My pleasure…peace to you and yours, Frank. :slight_smile:

He is a member. He hired a PR firm that failed to log in as him before posting those articles. I deleted them all along with the threads at his request as they were harming his business.


So as not to belabor this whole issue, the first thing I did was look at his name at the top of the post. I clicked on the NACHI Featured Inspectors link in the column to the left of the message board that lists all members. Clicked on the letter P. He is the 2nd name. Total elapsed time, 10 seconds.

Yes, people have gotten lazy. Just click a button to report a post. Just post negative things about anybody. Just do what you want. Like I said, this wasn’t aimed at you but at everybody that made negative posts about this person and his business without taking a few seconds to verify membership.

We list everyone (members and non-members both) as “Non-members” if they fail to log in with their username and password. Why? Because anyone on earth can register for this message board using a fake name or a name of an existing member. So unless a poster logs in with their secret member username and password… we consider them to be (and display them as) “Non-members.”

We even had a non-member register as me in the past.

Stephen writes:

Your system is flawed. See post #15. Anyone, anywhere on earth can register for any message board anywhere in the world as Stephen Stanczyk and post. It doesn’t make them you. Could be your competitor, or your ex wife, or someone else with the same name as you, or a spammer, etc.

We only assume they are a member if they log in with their member username and password.

Was I wrong in this instance? A yes or no will suffice.

Stephen asks:

Yes, you were wrong. The member didn’t make those posts. A PR firm he hired did, thinking they were helping his social online presence. They registered in his name pretending to be him and posted pretending to be him.

Try again Nick. He is a member. I posted he was a member and people still didn’t check and continued to trash him. His agents were posting on his behalf. The fact is, HE IS A MEMBER AND HE WAS HARMED by people that didn’t use a few seconds to check before jumping into the cesspool that this message board has become.