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Post: More on Home Inspector Licensing
Forum: Canadian Inspectors
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Posted by: mlarson
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So…Ray Wand is now a moderator and wants to censor Mike Larson’s post.


This is a great moderation system. :slight_smile:

Truly something for INACHI to be proud of.:slight_smile:

We now let banned non member’s come here and report member’s posts.

Is this a great system or what?

He joined on 2/4/09, wasn’t that before the moderation started? Also, did anyone notify Chris about Gomer, so he could remove him?

I responded to one of Chris’s post a few days ago and referred to Gomer, Chris did not reply.

FYI: As a point of interest any reference to the post that I have entered in the Canadian Forum licensing discussion is NOT FROM either Ray Wand or Brian MacNeish. That is the last thing I would want to do!

Regards, Claude

Raymond Wand, I salute you sir!!! You managed to get by 13 moderators and into a private (not visible to everyone) section of the MB as a non-member. You sir are smarter than we here at NACHI give you credit.

NOW Who is the as…shole moderator that allowed this to happen? You should fking resign from this voluntary position, REASON; INCOMPETENCE

Wand and others come to our MB and take daily dumps here because they can, it’s that simple.
When Chris implemented this moderation system I assumed that this would have worked as intended and we could have some peace on this MB. What I didn’t take into account was the HUMAN element, the moderators. Chris M. worked very hard to get this system into place, I’m sure he is shaking his head right now…in disgust at all the moderators.
The moderator that allowed this post to get to the MB should first apologize to Michael Larson, his fellow moderators, and to all NACHI members. He should also be removed from NACHI or at the very least be suspended from this association for a period of not less than 6 months.

This whole moderation thing is bullshi+ anyways.

I would have disagreed with you 2 days ago David, I now agree.

Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI 2/15/2009 9:46 PM

Approved Post Gomer Pile

General Inspection Discussion NACHI lost 10 members today.


Now that’s funny Dale!

Look at the list of approved posts—it says you approved it----:smiley:

Please direct me to the approved posts Dale, I can’t find it.

Ah ha.

I was just looking at it…on the second page, it has your name approving Gomers post-----:lol:

OK Dale, You had your morning laugh. S@it, for a minute I thought he (wand) hacked my user name!

Well if somebody didn’t hack your name, than you approved it----:lol:

Did you find the link Chris posted, its on page two…:shock:



I did not approve this post. I have in the past unapproved posts from the wand but never have I approved any.