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Post: TREC Reporter now InterNACHI Commercial SOP-compliant.
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I see he has ASHI on his web site


But I could not find any thing about NACHI???


FWIW - See my updated post in the Texas Inspector’s section about a conference call that I was part of with George on Thursday - 06/14/2012. I won’t repeat in this thread what I noted there. It speaks for itself.

As for my website: Years ago I was a NACHI member and yes, I did go through the rigors to become an ASHI member. As of 4Q11 I am no longer an ASHI member. As for the ASHI video on my website … it has been there since long before I became an ASHI member. There is not any requirement that anyone be an ASHI member to have that video on their website. I’ve seen it on many HI’s websites who are not and have never been a member and I’ve also seen it on many real estate agent’s websites.

It is simply an informative video link.

As for my site … I’m in the process of rebuilding it and don’t have any plans to carry it forward to the new build.

As for inspector organization memberships: Yes, I’m a member of INachi as well as TPREIA (local Texas organization), but I don’t have such information on my website. Don’t believe it is required (I may be wrong), but I’ve not been focusing on updating a site that I’m planning on replacing.

Thanks for your review and input. It is most appreciated.

Thanks for the update Nolan, much appreciated .