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Post: Estimating Repair Costs
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Posted by: mlarson
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Thanks Harry I agree … but nothing will be done .
Michael has followed me and made many not so nice post’s about me .
He has been asked to stop many times but seems to be a little jealous of me and a few others too. .
It is unfortunate this has gone on for many years.
I do believe he has violated the NACHI SOP at times .
He has been asked to post some evidence that I lie but has never done this that I have seen.

Roy is being dishonest again.

Well, I personally think it was uncalled for that Roy had in his signature for many weeks/months… (which shows on every post he has ever made, across the entire MB)…

“I have mlarson on ignore”

and interesting enough… as soon as this thread appeared… he removed the comment from his signature!

**Therefore… Mike is “spot-on” with his statement! **

BTW members can not be moderated

Wrong Mike said he would no longer haunt me if I removed that statement Unfortunately Mike has again proved his words are worth zip so I have again added him to my ignore Mike .

See post #

As is clear to anyone paying attention roy cooke is a liar.
I will be modifyinf my sig line to reflect exactly that.

If roy wants war. He can have it.

Unbelievable. :roll:

You act like a spoiled little child that had its mama’s tit plucked from its sucking little mouth.

I 100% agree.

What would you do if Roy kept attacking you?

I don’t get mad.

I get even.

It is always his choice.

It was peaceful for what? A day?

Make sure you thank Roy.

Mike I proudly present you with this award.


Is that the one on your desk or the other Roy?

You are a hypocrite and a clown.

do you want to be at war with me too?

Your choice fella.

You never agreed on a truce that I read.
Hence , I thought you were still at it with me.
I’m not with you . I just like jerkin’ your chain now and then.

Listen idiot.

I thanked Roy for removing the crap in his sig line.

He posted afterwards and all was well until once again he accused me of attacking HIM.

Try to keep up.

You will look more intelligent.

Go jerk someone else’s chain if you don’t want me to respond to your idiocy.

Like I said. I don’t get mad, I get even.

The opposite of whatever seem instinctive to you.

You keep saying that, but it never seems to become even.

Listen fool.

It was just fine UNTIL ROY spewed crap in the reported post thread.

Pay attention.

I’ll tell you what.

Put crap about me in your sig line and we can have some fun.

Are you game?

I don’t really care what BS you all have between you. Don’t use this message board as your battle ground. Jeez!

Hey Harry
I’m down the street from you in High Springs.
Can we have lunch at Browns someday ? I’ll pay .

Have you told roy that or just me:shock:

Mikey Mikey calm down smell the roses . Now .isn’t getting even against your beliefs? ( just asking)