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That’s right whiny. Roy’s the victim.

Wake up.

HAHAHAHA Whiny i love it . see you can have a laugh . We all love you Mikey

Have a good day Wayne.

I’m up early. storm on the way. I need coffee.

Have a good one , 2 sugars for you . stay safe

Only a fool would make such an immature offer. A bigger fool would follow through.

His beliefs are his and his alone.

As usual you have little to no idea what you are talking about.:roll:

Uh huh.

thanks for proving my point.

Yes, you’re quite difficult to figure out. :roll:

I wonder if you inherent brilliance will shine through one day?

I can only guess the answer is no.


Well there isn’t much evidence now is there Camron.

Be honest.

check those blind spots fella.

No he isn’t! he is a narcissist …NPD complex .

Now watch him/it call me some sort of name.

Wait a cotton pickin’ minute .
This is better …Egocentrism.

That’s it !